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Frequently Asked Questions :

How long does the program last?
It’s designed to take you 12 weeks to complete and most of my clients complete it within this time. Often holidays or business trips mean that you need a couple more weeks but the program is flexible.
Can I take a break and come back to it if I get busy?
Yes, of course – you can come back to it at any time.
Do I get any 1-on-1 time?
Yes, as well as the weekly group Q&A sessions, I check in with you every 4 weeks, 1-on-1, to discuss your progress and explore any specific issues that you may be dealing with.
What if the program doesn’t work?
The program always works but very occasionally not in the way that a client expects. If you find that the program doesn’t work for you in the way that you wanted, and you can demonstrate that you have really given it your best shot, then you get a full refund.
What happens after the program?
Once you have completed the program, you may well find that you want more exposure to the type of thinking and approach that the program will introduce you too. I will then invite you apply to join my Leaders Forum which is the next step on the journey.
How does the Program compare with other leadership development?
Many programs are developed by academics, psychologists and coaches who have expertise in their fields but little hands-on experience of running businesses. My approach draws from the best coaching practice, but is founded on decades of ongoing leadership experience, running businesses and a lifelong study of human behavior.
How can I cover everything about leadership in 12 weeks?
You can’t, but you can establish a good foundation and you can correct many of the mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make that get them into big trouble later on.
What about the cost?
The cost is intended to make you think seriously about committing to the program. The program will not deliver its best to you unless you commit to it. On the other hand, the cost is a tiny fraction of the returns that you can get from implementing its wisdom.

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