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Program Overview

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The Business Breakthrough Program changes the way you think and feel about how to run your business.

Program Structure

The 12 chapters run over 12 weeks and cover Personal, Relationship, Business and Leadership Mastery.

Program Outcomes

You will discover the tools you need to transform struggle and frustration into freedom, purpose and profit.

Chapter 1

PURPOSE – make sure that you and your business are ‘on purpose’ – in tune with what you, deep down, are all about.

Chapter 2

LIFESTYLE – shift the way you live your life to ensure that your energy is focused on what you want and not on anything else.

Chapter 3

RESILIENCE – build your ability to deal with stress, disappointment and adversity by turning them to your advantage.

Chapter 4

INFLUENCE – change the way your people feel about the business and inspire them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Chapter 5

DELEGATION – clarify what you are, and what you are not responsible for so that you can scale the business through others.

Chapter 6

CONFLICT – understand the dynamics of conflict and how to transform it into a force for business and personal growth.

Chapter 7

SALES – optimise your sales process by understanding the dynamics of value, what people really buy, and the keys to pricing.

Chapter 8

MEETINGS – transform your meetings to do what they are meant to do: engage, inform, clarify and inspire.

Chapter 9

PROFITS – get profit into perspective so that it facilitates your business activities instead of dominating them.

Chapter 10

STRATEGY – create an inspiring strategy for your business that will take you and your people to an exciting future.

Chapter 11

VUCA – manage and exploit the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity that surrounds every business.

Chapter 12

INTEGRATION – put everything together to create a business in harmony with your lifestyle, your dreams and your purpose.


What’s in the Program

The Business Breakthrough Program contains all the experience, insight and wisdom I’ve been fortunate to gain over the last 25 years of running businesses and coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders. 

It’s very different from the bulk of leadership development approaches out there because it covers not just the mechanics of business that include sales, management and strategy – but also the dynamics of leadership – your mindsets, behaviours and beliefs. 

So we’ll be exploring not just the day-to-day decisions you make, but also the thinking and feeling that lies behind them. We’ll be getting right to the heart of the root causes behind the performance of your business and your experience of it. 

And to guide us on that journey, we’ll be holding 3 critical objectives in mind at all times, to make absolutely certain that you get the results you want: 

  1. FREEDOM – That you get the freedom you crave
  2. PURPOSE – That you do the work that you love
  3. PROFIT – That you get the money you need 

We’ll be doing that by focussing on the outcomes that follow…

Program Structure

 To maximise the impact on you and your business, the programme is divided into 4 modules:

The art of Self-Awareness

  • Choose how you respond to challenges instead of reacting through habit.
  • Maintain emotional balance regardless of circumstances.
  • Discover the lifestyle shifts that make life and work easier.
  • Establish the disciplines that will help you develop and grow

Relating to yourself and others

  • Learn how to turn difficult relationships into powerful ones.
  • Discover the dynamics of conflict and how to manage them.
  • Say NO to liberate you and empower others.
  • Use communication to engage, motivate and inspire

Turning work into profit

  • Take the effort and sweat out of making profits.
  • Create a team that does the work for you.
  • Learn the crucial art of delegation.
  • Run meetings that solve problems and clarify responsibilities

Inspiring people to achieve a challenging vision

  • Discover the fundamentals of Leadership that so few leaders know.
  • Create an inspirational strategy to fire up you and your people.
  • Deal with VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.
  • Maintain focus regardless of circumstances.

The entire Business Breakthrough programme is underpinned by Personal Mastery and, in particular, Self-Awareness. Without this as the foundation, change at any other level will not be sustainable – that is why the programme focuses on you, every bit as much as your business.

Get More Done by Doing Less

Most of us labour under the impression that the more we do, the more we achieve. It’s exactly that mindset that drives people into stress, depression and even an early grave. The reality is that there is an optimum balance between work and rest that will allow you to achieve far more than by working flat out. In the programme you’ll discover how to find that balance, and stick to it, so that you spend less time achieving more.


Run Your Business, Don’t Let It Run You

Having a business that determines how you live your life, if and when you take time off, having to work weekends and taking calls at all hours was probably never part of your dream. My programme will give you the tools to turn this situation around so that you run the business on your terms once more.


Stop Motivating Your People and Start Inspiring Them


Have you noticed how motivating people doesn’t work very well and not for very long? That’s because the whole idea of motivating someone else is based on ignorance of how people work. In the programme you’ll discover why motivation is a waste of time and energy and

how inspiring yourself and those around you is a far more powerful and sustainable strategy. And yes, there is a difference between motivation and inspiration… and it’s huge!

Maintain Emotional Balance and Clarity Under Pressure

When things are not going your way, it’s very easy to lose composure – even if you don’t show it. And when the stakes are high, the feelings are intensified many times over. Communications, relationships and decision-making all suffer and so, of course, does the business. In my programme, we’ll explore techniques for maintaining the balance that is so crucial for your health and that of your people and the business.

Understand Your Inner Dynamics and How to Mitigate Negativity

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your perception of your world is conditioned by the way you feel every second of your life. The way you feel at any moment is key to your quality of life, so why feel any negativity if you don’t need to? In the programme I show you how to replace feelings of negativity with positive feelings of belief, conviction and the inevitability of business success.

Turn Relationships Around So People Work With You, Not Against You

The value of any business is not in its balance sheet, assets or know-how. The value is in the relationships between people, so business success is totally dependent on the quality of these relationships. Most of us focus on the other person’s behaviour when we want to improve a relationship with them. In my programme you’ll discover how you can transform a relationship by focusing on your own behaviour, without worrying about the other person.


Create an Inspirational Strategy That Will Energise the Whole Business

Without an idea of exactly what your business is out to achieve, it’s impossible to get people to give themselves 100% to it. A vision, a purpose and a plan – a strategy – are all critical to inspiring your people. All of us have a sense of purpose, however dim or foggy that might be, and what we give our energy to needs to be aligned with it. In the programme, you’ll learn how to clarify your vision of the business, and its purpose, so that others feel inspired to be a part of it and you get to do what you love.

Learn to Delegate to Empower Others and Free Yourself

Entrepreneurs and business owners are doers by their very nature. You didn’t get to where you are today by sitting around doing nothing. But doing is only half the story and as the business grows, what you do can choke it instead of developing it. Delegation is the key, but it is an art that demands you empower others to do what you used to do. My programme will give you the knowledge and tools to delegate effectively and deal with the biggest obstacle
to delegation – trust.

Stop Struggling and Start Living

Many of my clients have spent years struggling, believing that it’s the only way to run a business – no pain no gain! This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s one reason why half of all businesses fold within 4 years. Life and work were never meant to be a struggle – there is another way, and my programme will show you how to shift your experience of life and work from struggle to achievement.

Stop Chasing Money and Allow It to Flow

There are more misconceptions around money than nearly any other focus of our attention. Paradoxically, money itself is very simple, but the thoughts and feelings that we have about
it can be incredibly complex and interfere with its flow. During the programme you’ll discover how to shift your thinking about money to facilitate it rather than block it. You’ll also discover how the pricing of your product or service can be sabotaging your success.

Sell What Your Customers Really Want, Not Just Products and Services

Many of my clients have spent years struggling, believing that it’s the only way to run a business – no pain no gain! This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s one reason why half of all businesses fold within 4 years. Life and work were never meant to be a struggle – there is another way, and my programme will show you how to shift your experience of life and work from struggle to achievement.

Feel So Much Better About Your Work, Your Life and Your Relationships

Did you know that no one has ever, or will ever, buy a product or a service? What they actually buy, often without having any idea or understanding of it, is something quite different. In the program we explore what it is that people really buy in exchange for their money and, how knowing about it greatly increases your chances of making sales.

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