I’ve just watched a very professional webinar enticing people to join an affiliate marketing scheme. It’s really well produced, using all the tricks of the trade. It seems genuine and I’m sure it works for some. It promises to generate a lot of income.

I found myself thinking:

Why don’t I just sign up and start making money?

I got quite enthusiastic about it as a side-hustle – I had images of business flooding in, huge revenues and the lifestyle to go with it. Then I thought of the the business itself – what do I have to do to run the business and what is the service I’m delivering in exchange for the income?

Then the dream fell apart. Without going into detail, I realised that I would have to run all kinds of campaigns for products and services that I have no interest in, and add no obvious value to our world.

I’m self-aware enough to know that what I do – the value that I deliver to the world – has to take priority over what I get back from it. Put another way:


When I focus on delivering my value, the payback looks after itself.


Now, when all you accountants, FDs and consultants have stopped jumping up and down in frenzied indignation, I’m not saying forget about the money. I’m not saying don’t apply all the usual financial common sense.

What I am saying is that when you prioritise delivering your innate value to the world, in an intelligent way (which includes having all the right financial instruments in place), money flows more easily.



  • You have infinitely more control over what you put out, than over what you get back.
  • You get more fun, fulfilment and meaning working on purpose than on income.
  • People will get more value from you and will be inclined to pay you more for it.
  • Fixating on value will attract those that are more interested in value than price

OK – so what does this look like in practice?

For the Business Owner or Entrepreneur, this is about adding more and more value to your product/service. Finding ways of delivering value to everyone, not just customers. Delivering value in the form of knowledge – even at no charge. Always remember that what is valuable to a client, may cost you nothing.

For the CEO or Corporate Executive, it’s about ensuring that the business priority is delivering its full value, but – and this is critical – making sure that your leadership gives the people around you what they really need, to in turn, give their value to the business. Your behaviour creates the corporate culture.

The ways in which this principle can be applied to our work are infinite, which challenges all of us to find out how we can best make it work. Here are a few examples.

The way I do it is to publish my knowledge in blogs, podcasts, webinars and seminars. But I also make sure that my programmes are as jam-packed with value as I can make them. And, on top of that, I’m delighted to have long phone calls with potential clients even if they don’t buy – because a good conversation means both people get value, regardless of the outcome.

If you’d like to know more, you’ve got 3 options:

Book a Call     View Webinar     See Website


All 3 will give you value that won’t cost you a penny.

I’m Chris Pearse and I help CEOs, Directors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs achieve freedom, purpose and profit.

I show you how the levers for change lie with your inner dynamics – your thinking and feeling worlds – so you become the architect of your experience, not a victim.

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